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What is ENAR Therapy and How it Works?

ENAR (Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator) technology is a holistic form of Energy Medicine therapy that is about finding and treating blocks and imbalances in the neuro-energetic pathways that permeate our bodies. When these interferences are reduced or eliminated, the natural and wonderful powers of our bodies can perform at their best resulting in Integral Health and Beauty.

The ENAR is listed with the TGA as a medical devise. Apart from the fast relief of many types of pain, the ENAR is doing much more than relieve pain because disorders start to respond dynamically, and physiological functionality is often restored or improved simultaneously. ENAR is a stand alone therapy that will also readily compliment other forms of therapies.  This therapeutic treatment is compatible with any other type of therapy to achieve that integral harmony for sustainable health and beauty.

Essentially the device communicates with the nervous system with electrical impulses applied through the skin to stimulate a response. By restarting and facilitating the regulation of nerve energy flow the adaptive cycle resumes and natural recovery and healing may follow. .

In the realm of holistic health care and electro energetic medicine, the ENAR is an important leader in this field demonstrating an unusual ability to achieve rehabilitation goals very quickly. 

An excellent treatment that can be had on it’s own or incorporated into a massage or a facial for overall well being.

ENAR Face Lymphatic Drainage Treatment | $60 - 30 min
A relaxing and non-invasive treatment which accelerates the removal of toxins, waste and excess fluid from the body. It promotes internal healing by enhancing better communication between the cells. Excellent for enhancing paramedical facial treatments.

ENAR General Wellbeing Treatment | $100 - 60min
A safe and natural alternative, ENAR system works like acupuncture without the needles to diagnoses and treat painful conditions/injuries that may not respond to other forms of treatment. By moving over the body through the skin, it leads to functional improvements and general health restoration, treating blockages. This electro-stimulation therapy reawakens and enhances nerve functioning, with proven results in effective healing, health promotion and pain management. Finally, the energy blanket aligns the energies - Pure Bliss! 

Induce your body and mind to rest, 
recover and re-energise with the
Energy Blanket Treatment..  | $60

...for a rebalanced and restored energy system. Our subtle body energy gets depleted or disordered because of daily internal and external influences.

The effects of the Energy Blanket are achieved through:
1. Reflecting away external energies that influence our body 
2. Reflecting back to itself our body’s own energies (infrared and ultra-high    
   ifrequency emissions) helping it to energetically re-compose itself. 

A special membrane composed of several layers inside the blanket not only  prevent the body’s energetic emissions from dissipating outwards, but also reflect the emissions back onto the body redistributing them on the skin, and exerting energetic action on the key-points of the body's surface. Impulses to the central nervous system from the reflected Infrared radiation trigger the appropriate thermo-regulative mechanisms in the body.

How Does it Feel?
Being wrapped in the Energy Blanket is a completely safe and pleasant sensation. As external influences get blocked and/or reflected away, you become aware of subtle shifts in the body as healing and restoration of energies occur. After a period of warmth, you will experience a sense of inner peace and quiet that leads towards a state of repose something like meditation.

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