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Beautiful Eyes

Look good and feel good when you book in for one of our stunning eye treatments.

EyeBrow Tint ($15 - up to 15min)Eye care at Renajo

For sparse, faded or lost eyebrows. Enhances the frame work of the eyes.

EyeLash Tint and Scalp Massage ($25 - up to 30min)

Highlights and adds that extra sparkle to your face, as good as a mascara without gluggin and smudging. Includes a complimentary scalp massage.

EyeBrow Tint, EyeLash Tint and Scalp Massage ($35 - up to 30mins)

Brow tint enhances the frame work of the eye while the lash tint adds that extra sparkle to your face. Includes a complementary scalp massage

Collagen Eye Treatment ($50 - up to 30mins)

The eyes are the first to betray age. This digito pressure & lymphatic massage with a stimulating eye mask relieves facial tension, reducing dark circles, puffiness & visual fatigue. (Incorporate in a facial for an extra $35.00)

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