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Here is what our Clients have to say...


Juggling a busy life often comes at a dear price. For me, it was my skin that suffers extensively from my poor diet and hectic lifestyle.
I came to see Gurwinder with a VERY dehydrated and inflamed skin to a point that certain sections of my facial skin were oozing and it was painful.
She treated my skin with a mixture of ultrasonic infusion, microcurrent infusion, hyaluryonic and LED treatment, and the cherry on top was the low level laser to rebalance on various energy points.
I had all of the above treatments done whilst wrapped in energy blanket.It was magical.
I am not exaggerating when I say that within 24 hrs of having the low level laser and energy blanket treatments, I slept like a log and when I woke up, my skin was looking and feeling healthier, the oozing stopped and the open wounds were healing. The inflammation subsided and most importantly my overall being feel energised. 
I highly recommend the low level laser and the energy blanket for everyone to add on to their regular treatment. Because the benefits are there more than just for the skin. It relaxes the body and mind, rebalanced the internal energy and promotes healing from the inside and really, it helps the skin to absorb the products and its benefits.
What more could one ever ask for really ? Thank you Gurwinder !!
Cheers Dian B, Wheelers Hill. April 2017

 I've always suffered acne when I was a teenager and nothing I did helped with the situation. Later on, those acne turned into ugly scars which are even harder to get rid of.
I first met Gurwinder in 2016, I initially didn't believe what else she could do for my skin as I thought I have already tried everything including those really expensive treatments. 
She really showed sympathy when she heard my story and taught me how to take care of my skin through changing my unhealthy lifestyle. After the first consultation, I decided to give it one more go with the treatment plan and the skin care range she recommended. 
That was the best decision I've made for my skin! I've had quite a few treatments already and I love how my skin looks now! I have gained so much confident and I absolutely trust Gurwinder with her recommendation!

Feng M, Wantirna South

In my late 30s, I began to get random breakouts on my face. Sometimes these breakouts would flare up for an hour, a day or a couple of days; I never knew when it was going to happen or what was causing it. After trying a few different options that didn't work and having had skin problems most of my life, Gurwinder suggested I try Dermapen skin needling. I was a little reluctant at first, but should not have been worried at all...the results have been amazing. My skin is not flaring up anymore, my wrinkles have decreased, my face looks like it's glowing and it feels so smooth. I couldn't be happier! Be warned, though, make sure you get it done at least a few days before you need your skin looking great. Obviously, with a needle penetrating the skin, the skin is a little red and blotchy for a few days. But, it is so worth it. Thanks Gurwinder!

Julie B, Mt Evelyn

I look forward to my appointments at Renajo, it is “Me time’. Gurwinder always puts me at ease and encourages me to challenge my experiences. When she suggested that I would benefit from “Dermapen Skin Needling” I was apprehensive but trusting Gurwinder’s training and guidance explicitly, I said OK.

After the treatment the first word that came to mind of all things was “relaxing’’. It was not painful, Gurwinder had explained to me before treatment that my skin would feel sunburnt and tight. This for me was only a slight reaction and subsided by the following morning. It is day 3 and can happily report my skin is feeling back to normal and have already noticed that some of my fine lines are even finer.

Gurwinder has assured me that my skin will continue to improve, I owe her a big thank you and am looking forward to the next session.

Robyn G, Mitcham


It took me a while to write this testimony because I am simply lost for words when asked to describe my experiences with Renajo skin clinic. Rest assured, they were all great experiences !! :)
Simply put, each visit is like coming home after a very long tiring day at work / business trip where you want nothing but relax and get recharged.
Auntie G (how I call the lovely Gurwinder Sokhi) not only knows what she is doing professionally, but she also makes each of her client at ease and more than welcomed every time. The ambience at Renajo is also very homie, relaxing and somewhat soothing..
The treatments are tailored to suit, from the very first initial consultation to the subsequent treatment visits. I can vouch that each time I come with a dull dry exhausted looking skin (thanks to my own poor maintenance and lifestyle), I would always leave Renajo with a much happier awake radiant and healthier looking skin.
From the microdermabrasion to the RF treatment or the collagen infused hydrating masks, or even simply the healthy juice recipes that are good for you, my skin and I are always one happy customer.
Thank you !

I went along to try the new skin needling. Gurwinder was very reassuring that it wouldn't hurt as I'm terrified of needles. I was surprised as it wasn't bad at all, very little discomfort. My face was a little red and stiff after it but by the evening it was back to normal, just a bit warm.
The next morning it was clear just felt slightly stiff still but after I cleansed it and moisturised it was lovely and soft. A couple of days later I think it feels fuller and still very soft. It also looks very light and clear. My husband said I was looking nice and fresh.
Thanks Gurwinder for convincing me to try it, I'm really pleased.

Lorraine T, Mitcham

Dear Gurwinder, Recently I had the new Skin Tightening Radio Frequency (RF) treatment.  You took before and after photos, and when I looked at them afterwards the instant change was amazing.  I especially noticed it around the Eyes and my Jawline, my skin was smoother and more toned.  I also observed how my skin over the next few weeks looked healthier, thank-you so much for making such a difference in my appearance.  And thank-you for all your professional advice and service, you always make me feel so welcome. 

Jen F, Nunawading.  


"Thank you Gurwinder for the Radio Frequency & Microcurrent treatment. This was my first treatment and I did not come in with over inflated ideals of how my face would look. What I saw outweighed my expectations as it turned the clock back at least 10 years off the age of my facial appearance. The skin was glowing with radiance and youth. Of all the skin and facial treatments I have had over the last 6 years this one has given me the most dramatic results in terms of muscle lift and skin tightening. I feel very elated and happy. Thank you again." 
Gail H., Vermont

"I was expecting an improvement after the first treatment, but not to this extent! A totally relaxing treatment, leaving the face and neck feeling stimulated and invigorated. My skin looks and feels smooth, tight, firm and lifted. My lines disappeared and my eyes have opened up, with my eyelids lifted. My jowls feel like they have been naturally pulled up giving definition to my jawline. My pores have been refined. Gurwinder always has the latest and most innovative treatments, and these treatments have really turned back the clock. The first treatment was amazing, but the results of the second one left me speechless. I can’t stop smiling after this Radio Frequency and Microcurrent Package!” 
-Jomary S
"Once Gurwinder explained to me the benefits of a Microcurrent facial, I had to try it. My skin is looking fantastic, and I feel years younger. I don't feel like an old lady, instead I look and feel like a Hot Mama! My sister-in-law said to me that she couldn't see any lines, and that it looks like that of my 20 year old neice. It is important to have it in a course/series to see the full effect. I'm currently completed my series of 12.” 
-Debra S
ATP Testimonial 18: "ENAR - This treatment was relaxing and for an instant sleep was I think happening. After a lengthy break away my facial treatment reminded me how much I love coming to Renajo and the benefits I’ve received.” 
-Rhonda W. (Lysterfield)
ATP Testimonial 17: "Professional, relaxing experience. I felt I was treated as an individual and the best treatment for my skin was used. Great advice given and Ongoing recommended.” 
-Heather S. (Mitcham)
ATP Testimonial 16: "It was just what I needed. Absolute relaxation. I feel de-stressed and calm and my skin looks and feels great. I Always feel so welcome and special. I think I fell asleep, hopefully did not snore. And most of all no torturing today. Thank you very much ladies for a wonderful experience today and always. Look forward to next time. Love.” 
-Daniela V. (Boronia)
ATP Testimonial 15: "Difficult to describe because I was asleep for part of the time - lulled into such a relaxed state by the wonderful hands of Gurwinder and the effects of the ‘ENAR’. At the end of the treatment, my skin felt revitalized and incredibly moisturized. A very happy anniversary for me. Thank you so much.” 
-Kim S. (East Kew)
ATP Testimonial 14: "I was so looking forward to this treatment and once again Gurwinder excelled herself. This treatment was just pure bliss, so relaxing and lovely. The only problem, it went to quick. As Harsharan said, “It should be like a never ending pack of Tim Tams”. Thanks again, Just wonderful. Luv” 
-Jenni F. (Nunawading)
ATP Testimonial 13: "I have been looking forward to this day knowing I was in for a treat. Well my expectations have been greatly exceeded now that Gurwinder has completed it! Words are not enough to relay the wonderful relaxing time I have experienced. Sheer heaven - absolutely divine!! I didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much Gurwinder, you always make me feel so wonderful with your fantastic treatments.” 
-Jomary S. (Mitcham)
ATP Testimonial 12: "My skin feels invigorated and my mind and body feel relaxed. After a full day at work what more could I desire. Thank you! If I didn’t know why I keep coming back, I definitely do now.” 
-Ruth B. (Mitcham)
ATP Testimonial 11: "This was such a relaxing experience, I knew it was coming to an end though, when Gurwinder applied the sunscreen. To begin with I was given a towel to wrap around myself and the warm bed was beckoning to me. After Gurwinder applied many lotions and potions and used her magic hands to lull me into paradise, the hour was up all too quickly. Thank you Gurwinder, you are Amazing.” 
-Robyn B. (Heathmont)
ATP Testimonial 10: "That was my first ever treatment and I feel wonderful, relaxed, peaceful and of course... Beautiful. I would love to feel this way everyday. Thank you Gurwinder, your hands do magic! Love.” 
-Jadwiga B. (Vermont South)
ATP Testimonial 9: "The anniversary pack was incredibly relaxing. Great after a long day’s work. As always I am leaving revitalized and ready to face the next day. Thank you again ladies for  wonderful experience.” 
-Sarah A.(Mitcham)
ATP Testimonial 8: "The Anniversary Treatment Pack was Thoroughly enjoyable and pleasurable. Love the ENAR lymphatic drainage treatment - pain and pleasure at the same time. I feel as though my face has been to the gym for a work out. As always Gurwinder makes me feel special and her care and treatments are top class.” 
-Robyn G. (Mitcham)
ATP Testimonial  7: "What a lovely experience the Anniversary Pack has been, it reflects the care and use of products for a wonderful result provided so generously. Let’s hope for many more anniversaries!” 
-Julie T. (Bendigo)
ATP Testimonial 6: "I was spolit with the Anniversary Pack as I was pampered with the ENAR after my Microdermabrasion which I had as an addition to the package. My skin felt soft, hydrated and rejuvenated, and I must say I’ve a rosy, healthy glow now.” 
-Tiffany K. (Mitcham)
ATP Testimonial  5: 
"Relaxed on the cosy bed
Drobed and swathed in a beauty towel.
Gurwinder thoroughly cleansed my face and applied the Peel. 
It was a more intensive experience this time.
Gently removed with cooling towels 
and then ENAR...
Ah - the ENAR.... Dozing now...
Refreshing creams applied nourishing me.
Take a moment... Before standing..
Anniversary special finished but 2 vouchers to continue the celebration. 
Thank you. ” 
-Annette S. (Silvan South)
ATP Testimonial  4: "As usual my Treatment Pack was a Wonderfully relaxing experience. I always learn something new from Gurwinder and find she is So Knowledgeable, in not only skin care but Nutrition.” 
-Debra S. (Furntree Gully)
ATP Testimonial 3: "The Anniversary Treatment Pack is such a lovely treatment and very relaxing - but then again, every single time I come to Renajo I always have such a great time. Not only does my skin rejoice from the pampering by Gurwinder, but my soul is always renewed from seeing Gurwinder and Harsharan.” 
Sunny S. (Eumemmerring)
ATP Testimonial 2: "After almost cancelling my appointment due to my hectic schedule, I decided to take advantage of the Anniversary Treatment Pack. Boy it made me feel so very relaxed and put me in a frame of mind to deal with my day, my skin feels amazing after a much needed lift, and as always Gurwinder weaved her magic and made me feel fantastic! Thanks as always Gurwinder and Harsharan! xxxx" 
-Miriam T. (Croydon Hills)
ATP Testimonial 1: "The treatment made my face come alive and was very welcome after neglecting my face for nearly 2 months.”
-Paul F. (Dandenong)

After 15+ Successful years in Mitcham of Celebrating Skin ManagementAnti-Ageing Solutions and Beauty Therapy in Mitcham, we celebrated our 1st Anniversary of Successful operations in Wantirna South on October 13th 2012! To mark this wonderful occasion, we designed the 'Anniversary Treatment Pack' over the October and November Bi-Monthly period, and the 'ATP' testimonials above are what clients have to say about their skin-sational experience of this treatment with Renajo.

“I have been going to Renajo for a number of years now and I am continuously happy with the professional and always friendly service I receive.  From waxing and chemical peels to  microdermabrasion, each treatment is done with the utmost care.  After trying many different skin care ranges,  I have experienced the best results with the products Gurwinder has recommended.  I was given a thorough skin evaluation and a skin care regime was tailored to suit my specific skin concerns.  
This combined with microdermabrasion and chemical peels, I am very happy with the noticeable improvement to my skin.  I also think it is great that Gurwinder looks deeper than the skin and incorporates her studies and knowledge of nutrition, now also offering liquid vitamins.  It is always a pleasure dealing with Gurwinder And Harsharan and a big thank you to you both for your dedication, along with the warm and personalised service you give every time”. 
-Jessica V.

"I cannot sing the praises of "The Ageless Peel" enough. No-one has ever complimented me on my skin before. It was lined dry and having suffered acne as a teenager, it embarrassed me. For the past 3 months I have been using Skinstitut products which I love. Gurwinder has guided me through their usage and together with the peel, my skin has never looked better and is continuing to improve. It is smoother, brown pigmentation fine, fine lines and acne scaring seem less noticeable. So thank you, thank you, thank you Gurwinder and Harsharan for making visits to your clinic a little pleasure that I look forward to." 
-Robyn B

"Hi Gurwinder.....well you were right...I just love the IPL facial, looking forward to my next one. I have noticed a difference in my appearance since I have been coming to you, thank you so much for you undivided attention. I always feel like the only person in the world when I come for a treatment, everything is presented so perfectly it’s a credit to you. Thank you for your fantastic treatments, I look forward to seeing both you girls soon. x" 
Dear Gurwinder, Tonight was Parent/Teacher interviews at school. I had many staff and parents commenting about the appearance of my skin and some even ventured to ask how old I was. When I told them I would be 57 this year, they laughed and said pull the other leg. Many thought I was only 49. What can I say? It all goes down to the products you have recommended and the treatments you have suggested I have. Thank you so much for making my day and people noticing the difference in my appearance. Thank you for your professional service and advice. Warm regards. 
~Bernice M, Mitcham 

“I have been very happy with the advice, care and attention I have received at Renajo. When I first went to Renajo a few years back for some mineral make-up to fix my problem skin, I was told that make-up alone wouldn't fix my skin.  I realised I needed the right skin care products underneath.  I was apprehensive at first... Trying new products is always a gamble... but Gurwinder was very knowledgeable and not only helped my skin but also my confidence.  

I find Renajo to be a calm and relaxing place to visit and I am always given expert advice. I walk straight past all the skin care counters at stores now and only use products that Gurwinder recommends.  I always feel welcome when I visit and know that I can trust what she tells me. Thanks Gurwinder and thanks Harsharan. A lovely business that I am very appreciative of."
~Helen S, Blackburn.

I have started being treated at Renajo and feel compelled to highly recommend their services and products.  The incredible dedication and specialised care Gurwinda and the staff at Renajo provide to their clients is unparalleled.  It is extremely rare to find kind and highly skilled professionals who genuinely wish to provide results-driven and enjoyable skin care solutions.  I feel blessed to have found Renajo and am ecstatic with the results I have achieved under their care.  Their skill, knowledge and passion for excellence in skin management are unique and won’t be found anywhere else.  You can feel secure in the knowledge that your skin is in good hands with Renajo.  I was quite nervous about receiving paramedical treatments (IPL, microdermabrasion and peels); however, I did not need to be and was thrilled with the results and the amazing individualised care they provide.  You are never alone at Renajo and they are not happy unless you are!  You will see results no matter what your skin concerns are.  Gurwinda is one of the most amazing women I have ever met.  I implicitly trust her with my skin.  

Liz H, Balwyn

"I  would ONLY go to Renajo Skin Clinic for my skin care management. I have the comfort of knowing that their expert knowledge, premium quality skin care & treatments will always leave my skin at its optimum. They use the most innovative products and equipment and their skin care advise is second to none. I travel from Macleod all the way to Mitcham as I know I wll be looked after".
Liza A, Macleod

"As a Beauty Therapist, I have worked in a number of salons that perform results based treatments like peels and microdermabrasion, but when it comes to an in depth skin analysis, Renajo Skin Clinic has one of the most detailed and caring approach to their customers. They take the time to discuss exactly what each customer needs in the way for treatments and skin care to best achieve a result for their customers. No wonder Renajo has such a loyal client following, WELL DONE ladies.”
Belinda KEW, Customer and Beauty Therapist

"I feel very safe in Gurwinders experienced hands. She has a very caring, professional approach to her work. She is also very A - B in her work ethic. I also love the pricing, its excellent value for money. The finished product of her work is always excellent. I also love supporting local businesses. You are a gem."
Jan M, Vermont

"I'd just like to say how grateful I am for the difference renajo has made in my life. I used to be embarassed at the breakouts that  would occur since my early teens, particularly on my chin area. After trying many retail products, I finally consulted the friendly ladies at Renajo for some well needed expert advise, from there I was introduced to some fantastic products, including Microdermabrasion treatments and I haven't looked back since.

I am constantly getting compliments from friends, family and people I have not seen in ages about how radiant my skin is looking. The service that is provided at Renajo goes beyond any service I have ever encountered in any other beauty industry or any customer service industry to be honest. I recommend Renajo to all my friends and would like to encourage others to go to Renajo because it will be one of the best things they do. Thanks so much to the team at Renajo, see you all soon! :o)"
Jill D, Vermont South 

"After a series of microdermabrasion treatments and peels, I went back to South Africa and saw my sisters. They said I looked younger than I had 2 years ago. A good friend whom I have known for over 20 years asked if I had had a face lift. Amazing resuls,  thanks Renajo!"
Jane C, Mitcham

"I first attended Renajo after being highly recommended by a friend 6 months ago. I was looking for serious skincare solutions and anti ageing advise and was thoroughly impresed after the first consultation. I was recommended a course of microdermabrasion, peels and IPL Photo Facial treatments as well as a range of skin care products to maintain my skin at home. I have been extremely happy with the results and am always receiving compliments about my skin. I travel to Renajo all the way from Kooyong (which is a 30 minute drive!) as I do not trust anyone else with the health of my skin. Thanks renajo, for all your help!"
Jan B, Kooyong

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank-you for your wonderful guidance over the last 18 months, from the moment I walked in the door you have provided me with thoughtful skin care advice, that best suits my individual needs. Following your program of Micro dermabrasions and peels my skin has never looked back, as promised it has rebalanced my skin. I now happily leave home without any makeup as my skin has a clear, healthy appearance. I even get asked if I have been on holidays because I have such a healthy glow.

I must admit I thought I could replicate salon facials at home but after the Priori facial last week I know I was very wrong, I have never experienced such a beautiful facial, I left magnificently relaxed and my skin glowed, the combination of peel, mask and facial message was sublime. I have neglected little pleasures like facials for so long, not any more, I look forward to my next treatment."
Louisa I, Mitcham

"I am a new client of Renajo Skin Clinic and I would like to express m appreciation of the wonderful service I have received from Kate. I have found Kate to be very professional and yet friendly too, and have learned a lot from her about how to treat and better look after my skin at home. I really appreciate that she is interested in showing me different produts and explaining the uses (and she certainly knows her stuff), withour giving me "the hard sell" which I have experienced from other salons. As a result I feel I can trust her honesty and this is very important for mme to stay on as an on-going client. And i've been pleased with the results of the treatments - my skin is looking great."
Melinda P, Donvale

"I have waited for several weeks to write you as I wanted to see how my skin improved. It is simply amazing how much it has  changed the texture of my skin,  from when you gave me that wonderful treatment. I have kept up the regime that you showed me, and  am using the product as you advised.  I never thought my skin would improve so much , the oil is divine and am using it every day under my makeup as  well as night time. It has made a huge difference to my makeup throughout the day. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your expertise and I wish you well." 
Wendy W-M, Donvale

"Its hard nowadays to find service that goes above and beyond the call of duty, particularly in the Beauty industry. At Renajo I find that they do just that. Being a working mother of two boys I find that I have little time for little luxuries like facials or necessities like waxing, the staff at Renajo not only find the time to fit in with my busy schedule but they make me feel like I am their number 1 customer whilst I am there. The calming environment, extensive range of treatments and their friendly professionalism promotes trust and loyality. I have been a regular customer at Renajo for 4 years now and will continue to enjoy their wonderful service. Thanks Guys !!"
Elissa E, Vermont

"After initially attending Renajo for a facial, I realised that I could never trust antone else with the health of my skin. Their professionalism and knowledge has assisted me in preparing my skin for my wedding day. Now after finishing an intensive 6-week treatment my face is smooth and glowing and I can't thank the Renajo team enough!"    
Christine C, Mitcham

"I first tried microdermabrasion treatment in 2006 and have been extremely satisfied with the result time after time. It is amazing that such a simple and quick procedure can deliver instant results. I have been getting this treatment regularly and each time I get an instant lift to the appearance and health of my skin. The face feels so smooth and develops an instant glow straight after the treatment.”                                                                                                                                  
Karen U, Hawthorn

"I am really impressed with the vast improvement to my skin after having had a course of micro and peel treatments. This together with the appropriate homecare products for maintenance has enabled me to have a smooth & glowing skin. I could never trust anyone else with the health of my skin”.                                                                                              
Maree B, Warrandyte

"I would like to let you know how impressed I am with the vast improvement to the skin on my face and neck since having microdermabrasion and skin peels at your salon. You have provided a much needed boost to both my skin and self esteem.Thanks."   
Lyn L, Mitcham

"I recently had some IPL treatments at Renajo. Whilst I was a little hesitant about what to expect, both the process and the potential benefits were clearly explained. I am very pleased with the outcome.  My decolletage skin tone is more even and broken capillaries around the nose have gone and redness reduced. I particularly appreciated the care, concern and follow up to ensure everything was ok both during and after teatment. A professional approach and an excellent result." 
Heather U,   Heathmont

"I just wanted to let you know how wrapped (no pun intended) I was with your ....Head to Toe Cocoon package...  It was pure magic and it made me feel fantastic, better still when I got home my husband of 33 years noticed and asked if I had, had a facial with the wrap because I looked younger, from a man who never notices anything it must have been magic. Thanks So Much."
Celeste M, Mitcham 

"After going through a tough pregnancy I was left with very red rosacea skin, which I did not know how to deal with.  After visiting the girls at Renajo for an eye brow wax they suggested I sit down with them and work out a program to get my skin back on track.  I was willing to give it a try, and after a few treatments of  ENAR Lymphatic Drainage Massage accompanied by peels and micro my skin looks and feels fabulous, the redness has dulled.  Thanks team for your advice, you have restored my confidence." 
Vicki T, Mitcham

"I have been a client of Renajo for a number of years. During that time they consistently provided me with excellent skin analysis, treatment and an appropriate range of skin products. Over that period there has been a marked improvement in the overall condition of my skin, which is mature age, very dehydrated, fair and badly sun damaged.

More recently, I have been given a combined treatment of microdermabrasion, glycolic peels and IPL to try to further improve the pigmentation and appearance of broken capillaries and to increase rehydration. After only 2 treatments the difference is fantastic! Not only is the skin becoming more evenly toned, it has also taken on a more supple, healthier appearance, which, ----dare I say it---actually looks more youthful.

I recommend  Renajo Skin Clinic without hesitation. The service they provide is highly professional, delivering a personalised skin care regime with integrity and honesty, while welcoming and encouraging ongoing feedback on treatments being undertaken.
I am also very impressed with the way they constantly upgrades or adds to their selection of quality skin care products and caters for a range of budgets. Thank you so much the team at Renajo."
Prue W, Vermont South

"I first considered  IPL treatments in 2007 after many years of shaving and waxing.  I was always getting in-grown hair from waxing with the in-grown hair was leaving unattractive marks.  Shaving was also gradually damaging my skin with the constant direct contact of the blade with the skin.  I am glad I decided to try IPL.  It was a painless and simple procedure with no side effects.  After several treatments, the hair growth slowed down significantly and I went for months without having to shave or wax.  The treatments also got rid of many of the marks caused by previous in-gown hair and gave me an even and smooth complexion.  I am still enjoying the finer hair and slower growth since my last treatment over a year ago.

I highly recommend Renjo as the professional team are always thorough in explaining the procedure and making sure the clients are comfortable and well-informed during the treatment.  It’s definitely worth considering IPL for the convenience of not having to worry about shaving or waxing on a regular basis.  I can’t wait to get more treatments after my pregnancy."
Karen U, Doncaster

Some of the valued comments received

- "The owner of Renajo Skin Clinic is the kindest woman I have ever seen - she goes above and beyond. She is very professional and she listens to what I say and understands my needs. Her customer service is excellent, she is very knowledgeable and her quality of work is very high. All the staff are well presented in uniform, she keeps a good range of products and the premises are spotless."

 - "Going to Renajo helps me to fell better about my skin and myself, they boost my self esteem. The staff are professional, friendly with a good knowledge of their products and the services they offer. All staff are well presented in uniform and the customer service they provide is very good."
- "I find that they come up with new procedures ahead of other salons. The staff are continually doing training and are all very knowledgeable in what they do. They have delivered what they said they would and I have seen quite an improvement in my skin. The staff are friendly, very professional with excellent customer service skills. The owner goes out of her way to look after her clients and I enjoy going there."


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