We use Corneotherapy Principles for attaining Healthy Skin!

Corneotherapy is the preserving of the integrity of the skin’s barrier, the top surface layer, Epidermis and its defence systems at all times. As compromised skin has a disrupted skin barrier, it loses its ability to effectively protect and defend itself from environmental stress and pollution. Hence the strength and protection of the barrier function of any skin is always of the utmost priority for achieving healthy skin.

Skincare based on Corneotherapy principles delivers optimal skin health by repairing, nourishing and regenerating the skin’s barrier from the outside-in. Once the skin barrier is healthy and functioning efficiently, skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, premature ageing, pigmentation and other kinds of skin imbalances can be corrected and reversed more easily as the skin becomes stronger, healthier and slower to age.


Dermaviduals Bespoke Skincare

Your skin is as unique as your fingerprints, and so should be your skin care!
Dermaviduals is free from perfume/fragrance, silicons, colouring, petrochemicals, preservatives and emulsifiers and formulated with superior delivery systems.

These biomimetic products are formulated with skin identical ingredients that your skin recognises, understands and accepts, which improves skin health. Your skin cells are in constant communication at all times. These skin cells can only be as healthy as the nourishment they receive. Feeding your skin cells with pure healthy nutrients that your skin recognises will optimise healthy communication, leading to optimal skin.

Dermaviduals skin boosters are made of pure active concentrates, specially formulated with deep delivery systems which allow your treatments and home care to be truly bespoke. This means the active ingredients can penetrate beyond the surface of the skin to reach and nourish the living cells in the deeper layers in order to enhance skin’s appearance, texture, function and feel which is the beginning of a beautiful healthy and happy skin.

We customised these active blends in your prescriptive serum and moisturiser for a highly concentrated, bespoke home care specific to your skin’s requirements and your budget.

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AWE Cosmeceuticals

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda pronounced (Eye- your- vay-da), means ‘the science of life’, is an ancient comprehensive medical system that originated in India over 5,000 yrs ago. These traditional teachings have been handed down by Indian Sages as a part of their spiritual tradition.

Ayurveda , a holistic science, aims at prevention and healing disease, and rejuvenation of the mind and body. Numerous Ayurvedic herbal combinations are used to effectively treat skin conditions, promoting a clear, radiant and healthy complexion. Ayurvedic tools like the Kansa Wand Massage detox, repair, heal, relax and rejuvenate skin, mind and body.

Recently studies and clinical findings by scientists on Ayurvedic treatments have encouraged the utilisation of this ancient knowledge. AWE Cosmeceuticals, Australia’s Ayurvedic skincare is free from irritants and harsh chemicals. It encompasses Ayurveda ancient wisdom teachings and incorporates th into a modern skincare system which provides visible and long-lasting results of a truly rejuvenated skin.

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