Bespoke Prescriptive Facial Therapy

At Renajo, we truly believe that great skin health radiates natural beauty and confidence! Our Bespoke Prescriptive facial therapies offer 2 levels of customised high performance treatments that are designed to work at different levels of intensity to deliver more than just a short-term solution to every individual skin. We perform bespoke facial treatments using advanced active skincare composed of only pure ingredients with superior delivery systems and advanced technologies that are the very best in nature, science, ancient wisdom and innovative research together with our skills, passion and experience. Every Bespoke Prescriptive facial is customised to address your specific skin concerns and control, repair, regenerate and maintain your skin health each and every time while delivering you impressive results with maximum benefits. Bespoke prescriptive facials can be tailored to address any of the following skin concerns:

  • Mature / aged / lustre lacking skin
  • Stressed / tired / lifeless looking skin
  • Uneven skin tone / blemishes
  • Dull / dry / dehydrated skin
  • Sensitive / reactive skin / Rosacea
  • Acne / congestion / breakouts
  • Sun damage
  • Skin suffering from Psoriasis / Dermatitis

Please Note:?Prior to ANY facial treatment service we conduct the appropriate Advance Skin Analysis/Consultation and take a series of your skin images with our diagnostic skin analysis machine,?NEW Observ? 520 .?We then take the time to show you what each image indicates about your skin?s deeper health. All this ensures the very best outcome when it comes to your tailored skin treatment program.?To maintain sustainable long-term and on-going results, your contribution plays a vital role in your skin health journey by ensuring you comply daily with the recommended prescriptive home-care.

Signature Renajo Experience? ? ? ? ?$300

A complete holistic regenerating experience with a results-driven prescriptive treatment that combines science, nature and the ancient Ayurvedic marma (energy points) to awaken, tune and rebalance your skin, body and mind. All these integral components help you maintain optimal skin health and homeostasis while delivering your skin long-term results rather than just an instant boost, making it an ideal treatment for all skins including the most sensitive/reactive skin. An enzymatic peel removes your dull and dead skin cells helping to reveal your fresh new skin. The traditional Kansa massage then detoxifies, oxygenates, calms and heals your skin all the while releasing stress and tension in your face and neck while taking you into a state of deep meditative relaxation. Your skin is deeply nourished with a tailored cocktail of pure nutrients that are specifically blended to your skin?s needs. Finally, we energise your skin with cell-regenerating LED light therapy, an excellent all-rounder treatment that recharges your skin at a cellular level to boost cellular nutrient up-take and cellular renewal, deal with hyper pigmentation, dehydration, sensitivities and blemishes, kill bacteria in acneic skin, promote anti-ageing, and stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. This amazing journey leaves your skin looking visibly plumped, radiant, rejuvenated and glowing with a natural, healthy and youthful lift, and your body and mind in complete Zen after just one session.

In brief:

  1. Professional Skin Analysis
  2. Double Cleanse
  3. Customised Enzyme Peel and Mask Face, Neck and Decolletage
  4. Signature Lymphatic Drainage and Stimulating Massage
  5. Treatment Tonic
  6. Healing and Regenerating Customised Antioxidant Infusion Face and Neck
  7. Relaxing, Detoxing, Healing and Lifting Kansa Massage Treatment Face, Neck and Decollatage
  8. Nourishing Vitamin Mask Face and Neck
  9. Cell Energising and Collagen Stimulating LED Light Therapy
  10. Eye Cream Moisturiser and Sunscreen


Bespoke Performance Treatment? ? ? ? ? ? $225

This high performance skin rejuvenating and nutrient rich facial treatment is tailored to your specific skin concerns and needs on the day. A customised blend of appropriate nourishing serums and masks is infused into your skin with a stimulating massage for a complete tailored experience. Includes enzymatic removal of dead cell build up increasing cell turnover; LED light therapy enhances the cellular uptake of these customised nutrient blends thereby healing your skin, restoring it?s hydration and relaxing your facial muscles, all the while delivering a healthy radiance and glow to your skin!

In brief:

  1. Professional Skin Analysis
  2. Double Cleanse
  3. Enzymatic Peel Face and Neck
  4. Signature Lymphatic Drainage Massage Face, Neck and Decolletage
  5. Treatment Tonic
  6. Healing and Regenerating Customised Antioxidant Infusion Face and Neck
  7. Nourishing Vitamin Mask Face and Neck
  8. Cell Energising and Collagen Stimulating LED Light Therapy
  9. Eye Cream, Moisturiser and Sunscreen

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