Freckles (or Ephelides) are multiple small and pigmented round dots that appear on the body, most commonly on the face, neck, shoulders, d?colletage, arms and legs. Freckles are hereditary and usually triggered during childhood by sun or ultraviolet (UV) exposure. More prevalent on fair or light coloured skin (especially red hair and light skin combinations), they range in colour from light red, yellow and tan all the way to light brown, dark brown and black.

As freckles become darker after sun exposure and usually fade during winter, the underlying cause is an increase in melanin production (skin-protecting dark pigment) by melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) due to UV exposure, thus resulting in a heavy deposit of melanin at individual spots in the skin. Instead of developing an even suntan like darker-complexioned people, they develop freckles as a melanin response.

Freckles are natural and not harmful, however they are an indication that the relevant skin area is being exposed to the sun and thus sun damage is occurring. This serves as a reminder to practice good skin protection. People with freckles have lower levels of melanin in their skin and are more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Freckles are different to Age/Sun spots in that the former result from childhood sun exposure combined with a genetic predisposition and usually fade during winter, while the latter are formed through frequent and prolonged sun/UV exposure over the course of one?s life and usually do not fade during winter.

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Renajo Skin Clinic follows a unique Three Step holistic approach:

  • Step 1 ? We invest significant time in your initial skin consultation to listen and fully understand your skin concerns, identify the contributing factors, your needs and goals.
  • Step 2 ? Next is an in-depth diagnostic assessment of your skin at the deeper levels which will reveal its true condition and health, and expose any hidden issues before they come to the surface.
  • Step 3 ? We present you with honest feedback, a range of appropriate treatment options, prescriptive skincare specific to your skin?s needs, and explain the results you can expect. We also guide you on improving and maintaining your results through diet and nutrition.

On their own, all of our treatments deliver effective results. When combined in a complementary multi-treatment program (Super-Charged Combination Therapy), they work at different levels within your skin to deliver visibly superior, more effective, targeted and longer-lasting results.

All treatments are performed by a fully-qualified and paramedically-trained skin clinician who will customise a treatment plan to suit your needs. See Testimonials for what others have to say about Renajo.

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