Loss of Facial Volume Saggy Skin

Loss of Facial Volume Saggy Skin (Loss of Firmness and Elasticity) begins to occur in our late teens to early 20’s and starts accelerating from our 30’s onwards. This loss of volume takes place due to the slowdown in our skin?s production of collagen (regulates skin integrity and firmness) and elastin (regulates skin elasticity) which are critical to maintaining the supple, plump, firm and lifted face of our youth. The collagen and elastin fibres are also weakened by free radicals as part of ?oxidative stress?. Together with the facial fat deposits beginning to drop, this causes the facial structure and shape to begin to change, and the skin to start showing the most visible signs of ageing: thin skin, sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, poor hydration and low radiance ? all of which leads to a ?drawn? or ?hollow? face making one look older.

The ?Triangle of Beauty? is a good way to demonstrate the effects of loss of volume. An old or aged facial appearance is one that has experienced loss of volume and is now composed of a sagging facial shape, wrinkled forehead and brows, flatter cheeks, dull and dehydrated skin, the corners of mouth pointing downwards, and a wider and slacker jawline. The overall effect is of an upright triangle ? wider at the bottom and tapering up to the narrow point between the eyes. The impression this gives is one of being stressed, sad and negative.

Loss of facial volume / saggy skin has a number of contributing factors:

  • Internal: Natural ageing process, genetics, certain illness?s and medications,?hormonal changes (especially during menopause), and poor diet and nutrition.
  • External: Sun (UV) damage and pollution.
  • Lifestyle: Smoking/nicotine, high alcohol consumption, drugs, poor diet and nutrition, poor hydration, lack of adequate sleep, rapid/frequent weight loss ? all lead to ?oxidative stress? where free radicals attack cellular structures causing deterioration and breakdown.

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Renajo Skin Clinic follows a unique Three Step holistic approach:

  • Step 1 ? We invest significant time in your initial skin consultation to listen and fully understand your skin concerns, identify the contributing factors, your needs and goals.
  • Step 2 ? Next is an in-depth diagnostic assessment of your skin at the deeper levels which will reveal its true condition and health, and expose any hidden issues before they come to the surface.
  • Step 3 ? We present you with honest feedback, a range of appropriate treatment options, prescriptive skincare specific to your skin?s needs, and explain the results you can expect. We also guide you on improving and maintaining your results through diet and nutrition.

On their own, all Renajo Skin Clinic treatments deliver effective results. When combined in a complementary multi-treatment program (Super-Charged Combination Therapy), they work at different levels within your skin to deliver visibly superior, more effective, targeted and longer-lasting results.

All treatments at Renajo Skin Clinic are performed by a fully-qualified and paramedically-trained skin clinician who will customise a treatment plan to suit your needs. See Testimonials for what others have to say about Renajo Skin Clinic.

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Scroll down for suitable Loss of Facial Volume Saggy Skin Treatment options at Renajo Skin Clinic.

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