Dian B, Wheelers Hill

Juggling a busy life often comes at a dear price. For me, it was my skin that suffers extensively from my poor diet and hectic lifestyle.

I came to see Gurwinder with a VERY dehydrated and inflamed skin to a point that certain sections of my facial skin were oozing and it was painful.

She treated my skin with a mixture of ultrasonic infusion, microcurrent infusion, hyaluryonic and LED treatment, and the cherry on top was the low level laser to rebalance on various energy points.

I had all of the above treatments done whilst wrapped in energy blanket. It was magical.

I am not exaggerating when I say that within 24 hrs of having the low level laser and energy blanket treatments, I slept like a log and when I woke up, my skin was looking and feeling healthier, the oozing stopped and the open wounds were healing. The inflammation subsided and most importantly my overall being felt energised.

I highly recommend the low level laser and the energy blanket for everyone to add on to their regular treatment. Because the benefits are there more than just for the skin. It relaxes the body and mind, rebalanced the internal energy and promotes healing from the inside and really, it helps the skin to absorb the products and its benefits.

What more could one ever ask for really? Thank you Gurwinder!