Helen S, Blackburn

I have been very happy with the advice, care and attention I have received at Renajo. When I first went to Renajo a few years back for some mineral make-up to fix my problem skin, I was told that make-up alone wouldn’t fix my skin. I realised I needed the right skin care products underneath. I was apprehensive at first…Trying new products is always a gamble…but Gurwinder was very knowledgeable and not only helped my skin but also my confidence.

I find Renajo to be a calm and relaxing place to visit and I am always given expert advice. I walk straight past all the skin care counters at stores now and only use products that Gurwinder recommends. I always feel welcome when I visit and know that I can trust what she tells me. Thanks Gurwinder and thanks Harsharan. A lovely business that I am very appreciative of.