Julie B, Mt Evelyn

In my late 30s, I began to get random breakouts on my face. Sometimes these breakouts would flare up for an hour, a day or a couple of days; I never knew when it was going to happen or what was causing it. After trying a few different options that didn’t work and having had skin problems most of my life, Gurwinder suggested I try Dermapen Skin Needling. I was a little reluctant at first, but should not have been worried at all…the results have been amazing. My skin is not flaring up anymore, my wrinkles have decreased, my face looks like it’s glowing and it feels so smooth. I couldn’t be happier! Be warned, though, make sure you get it done at least a few days before you need your skin looking great. Obviously, with a needle penetrating the skin, the skin is a little red and blotchy for a few days. But, it is so worth it. Thanks Gurwinder!