Karen U, Doncaster

I first considered IPL treatments in 2007 after many years of shaving and waxing. I was always getting in-grown hair from waxing with the in-grown hair leaving unattractive marks. Shaving was also gradually damaging my skin with the constant direct contact of the blade with the skin. I am glad I decided to try IPL. It was a painless and simple procedure with no side effects. After several treatments, the hair growth slowed down significantly and I went for months without having to shave or wax. The treatments also got rid of many of the marks caused by previous in-grown hair and gave me an even and smooth complexion. I am still enjoying the finer hair and slower growth since my last treatment over a year ago.

I highly recommend Renajo as the professional team are always thorough in explaining the procedure and making sure the clients are comfortable and well-informed during the treatment. It?s definitely worth considering IPL for the convenience of not having to worry about shaving or waxing on a regular basis. I can?t wait to get more treatments after my pregnancy.