Kristy H, Heathmont

Although at first I was initially apprehensive about the thought of having skin needling, it was more my mind that was telling me it was going to be painful. But during the process it surprised me how although there was a little discomfort and weird new feeling it was relatively quick and with the results I saw I?m glad I did it.

Initially there was some redness which was explained before hand by Gurwinder and to be expected. The benefits happened within the week, hugely reduced redness and my rosacea is not as reactive anymore which I never thought I would ever see or say. My skin is calmer, my acne scars are hugely improved and I can hardly see them whereas before they were very noticeable. The texture of my skin is so much plumper and hydrated and less roughness from oil build up etc.

Gurwinder explained everything before we started and kept in touch with me afterwards and continues to help guide me with my at home product regime which has continued to help my skin get better and better after the needling.

If you?re thinking of doing it but are apprehensive about the idea, please believe me when I say it isn?t as bad as your mind has you believe and the benefits outweigh the slight discomfort at the time and there is no down time, just benefits which I have seen continue to grow and improve in the weeks after treatment.

Thank you Gurwinder!