Kristy H, Heathmont

After many years of teenage/adult acne, excessive oil production, large pores and years of rosacea I decided to try this treatment as an alternative to the chemical medicines offered by my dermatologist and doctor, as I was not seeing any results.

Instantly after the Core Skin Restore treatment I saw a reduction in redness on my face and a plump, alive, hydrated look and feel. Honestly from experience although skeptical of how long that effect would last I was pleasantly surprised at how each day since then it has continued to improve especially by using my at home skin products. The acne has reduced dramatically, the rosacea doesn’t have it’s regular daily flare ups as it unpredictably always did and around my eyes have plumped up and look a lot more youthful. The large pores are a lot smaller and hardly noticeable too which is a huge plus!

I am on a very tight budget, but the at home skin care products were definitely worth the investment as they seem to renew & rejuvenate my skin each morning and night, just like I have been for another treatment, it must give the skin the regular booster it needs and keep it working for me with all the vitamins and hydration.

If you are debating whether or not to try these treatments or products, please give them a go as they have definitely worked for me and have a lasting effect. Thank you Gurwinder!