Luci J, Nunawading

I was diagnosed with a spinal disorder about 18 years ago and have subsequently had two spinal reconstructions. The last surgery was in 1996, since then managing my back pain has always been difficult, as everyday I would experience some sort of pain and discomfort.

Even though my surgeries were considered a ?success? I continue to experience back pain and problems associated with my disorder everyday. I would see an osteopath at least every two weeks. Quite regularly I experience numbness and loss of feeling in my feet, legs and hands; pain in my back and neck and restrictions in movement.

I started the six week ENAR treatment, and very quickly noticed a change. At first it was an increase in feeling in my feet and more flexibility. Since finishing the six week treatment I no longer wake up stiff and sore, I am not in pain I used to be and I have a lot more movement back in my body.

I couldn?t recommend the treatment highly enough; it has made such a significant change in my daily life, allowing me to be free from the discomfort that I was experiencing.