Robyn G, Mitcham

I look forward to my appointments at Renajo, it is ?Me time?. Gurwinder always puts me at ease and encourages me to challenge my experiences. When she suggested that I would benefit from ?Dermapen Skin Needling? I was apprehensive but trusting Gurwinder?s training and guidance explicitly, I said OK.

After the treatment the first word that came to mind of all things was ?relaxing??. It was not painful, Gurwinder had explained to me before treatment that my skin would feel sunburnt and tight. This for me was only a slight reaction and subsided by the following morning. It is day 3 and can happily report my skin is feeling back to normal and have already noticed that some of my fine lines are even finer.

Gurwinder has assured me that my skin will continue to improve. I owe her a big thank you and am looking forward to the next session.