The Importance Of Vitamin A In Skin Care!

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The Importance Of Vitamin A In Skin Care!

Vitamin A has been claimed to visibly reverse the ageing process and is often referred to as the ?anti-ageing vitamin?. Found naturally not only in the human body, but also in plant material such as carrots and pumpkin, this oil soluble, bright yellowy-orangeextract is often used in cosmeceutical formulations in the form of Retinoids, or Vitamin A derivatives. Vitamin A is essential for the generation and function of healthy cells to prevent dryness and infection.

Cosmeceutical formulations with Vitamin A for topical application on the skin have great anti-ageing, as well as superb anti-oxidant and moisturising capabilities to help promote a softer smoother skin.?Vitamin A’s powerful therapeutic potential in the management of various skin conditions and has a host of positive effects on the skin, which includes:

? Increase the activity of enzymes found in the skin.
? Stimulating the growth of new and better quality cells in the epidermis, thereby thickening the outer layer of the skin (which becomes thinner with ageing). It also helps in wound healing and normalisation of damaged cells.
? Stimulating dermal collagen formation in the skin, increasing the elasticity and stretchability of the skin, while also assisting is angiogenesis (formation of blood vessels)
? Reduces UV-induced wrinkle formation and dead cell build up.
? Assists in the reduction of excessive sebum (oil) production, decreasing acne.

As an anti-aging medium, many studies have demonstrated that once-daily topical application of Vitamin A on the skin will reduce wrinkles, fine lines and photo aging symptoms such as brown blemishes and age/sun spots that appear on your skin during your 30’s and 40’s, a legacy left from the tanning years. It also increases overall skin thickness, improved hydration, better skin tone and pigmentation.

While Vitamin A in cosmeceutical formulations help exfoliate, revitalise and form the skin’s surface, it is also used to treat a variety of conditions including acne, rosacea and sun damaged skins. As a metabolic regulator, Vitamin A normalises the cellular chemical process that produces energy and growth, thus targeting mutations within the skin and attempting to correct the imbalance. Like a mechanic who services a car to ensure the smooth running, Vitamin A finds and attempts to fix any running issues within the skin.

So if you’re aiming to look younger, use topical application of Vitamin A cream or lotion? once daily, preferably at night. Highly recommended and excellent anti-ageing products with vitamin A and AHA’s are Priori Skin Renewal, Priori Facial Perfection Gel, Priori Smooth Lines, Priori Eventones, Skinstitut Retinol. Talk to your skin therapist at Renajo Skin Clinic as to the ideal corrector with vitamin A for your skin type and condition.