LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy?(Light Emitting Diode) is a safe, natural, painless and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. It repairs, renews and regenerates skin tissue, accelerates skin healing and plumps up the skin by boosting collagen production. This results in healthy, youthful, intensely hydrated and vibrant looking skin.

The science of healing light states that every colour in the broad spectrum of white light has its own frequency and vibration. Each colour of light stimulates a different healing response from the body. When LED light is emitted over skin tissue, it works at a cellular level to increase cell energy (ATP). This stimulate the body’s own natural processes (cellular functions) to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Similar to plants needing sunlight to grow, LED light energises tissue cells which leads to a photo response. In response this makes the cells ?think?, ?communicate? and ?act? younger. , resulting in collagen synthesis and tissue healing.

The LED technology was originally developed by NASA to assist in skin repair and regeneration, and years of clinically-proven scientific research has proven the benefits. LED light therapy is used in medical centres and hospitals to accelerate healing of burns and post-surgery scars and is now available to dermal clinicians to treat a variety of skin concerns.

LED Light Therapy is a great complementary therapy as part of a multi-treatment program (Super-Charged Combination Therapy), to deliver visibly superior, more effective, targeted and longer-lasting results.

LED Light Therapy stimulates the skin’s own natural cellular processes to repair and regenerate skin tissue. It increases collagen production and synthesis, reduces inflammation and promote faster skin healing. LED light increases the production of serotonin and nitric oxide in the skin, bringing oxygen, fuel molecules and other metabolites to injured tissues and stimulating the natural healing process. This helps refine fine lines and wrinkles, reduce open/enlarged pores, improve skin tone, and restore skin?hydration, strength and resiliency. Results achieved are firmed, rejuvenated, even-toned and textured youthful-looking skin.?Apart from fighting the signs of ageing, LED light is especially useful as a skin-recovery accelerator as it boosts hydration and reduces healing times by well over 50% compared to the natural healing response.

Every colour in the broad spectrum of white light has its own frequency and vibration, and each colour stimulates a different healing response from the body:

  • Red Light ? Stimulates production of collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a softer, smoother and youthful skin.
  • Orange Light ? Promotes a glowing and more radiant skin.
  • Yellow Light ? Alleviates inflammation, redness, sunburn and rosacea.
  • Green Light ? Reduces pigmentation, evens the skin tone and calms the skin.
  • Blue Light ? Eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reducing acne.
  • Cyan Light ? Reduces the size of swollen capillaries.
  • Infra-Red Light combined with the above colours penetrates deeper into the skin for a boosted and amplified skin re-building treatment, allowing?for:
    • Increased cellular nutrient intake;
    • Increased blood circulation, therefore increasing oxygenation;
    • Enhanced lymphatic drainage accelerating toxin removal; and
    • Reduced pain and inflammation, inducing healing and regeneration.

LED Light Therapy is very versatile and can be used to successfully treat a wide variety of skin concerns:

  • Acne
  • Acne Scarring
  • Open / Enlarged Pores
  • Oily Skin
  • Ageing incl. Thin / Fine Skin
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles / Crows Feet / Smokers Lines
  • Loss of Facial Volume
  • Saggy Skin / Loss of Firmness and Elasticity
  • Sun Damage
  • Dull / Life-Less / Dry / Dehydrated Skin
  • Uneven Skin Texture / Enlarged Pores
  • Age / Sun Spotsn
  • Freckles
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Blotches / Blemishes
  • Melasma
  • Scars (incl. burns, acne, keloid and post-operative/surgical scars)
  • Stretch Marks (Striae) ? Red and mature stretch marks (from pregnancy, weight gain and bodybuilding)
  • Broken Capillaries and Spider Veins
  • Sensitive / Reactive / Compromised / Problematic Skin
  • Rosacea and Vascular Redness / Sunburn
Common Conditions
  • Cold Sores
  • Facial Oedema (Swelling)
  • Impaired skin health due to poor circulation and lymphatic drainage, and poor product penetration
  • Psoriasis / Eczema / Dermatitis
  • Inflammation / Post Surgery / Wounds

LED Light Therapy successfully addresses a number of skin concerns and the benefits include:

  • Reduces and improves Acne, by eradicating P. acne bacteria
  • Refines and reduces Acne Scarring
  • Refines Open or Enlarged Pores reducing pore size
  • Treats and corrects Oily Skin
  • Accelerates healing
  • Lifts, tightens and rejuvenates the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Strengthens the skin structure by thickening the dermis, thus giving it a fresh, healthy and youthful glowing appearance
  • Gently rejuvenates the skin, giving it a clearer, brighter, radiant and youthful complexion
  • Restores skin elasticity and smoothness by stimulating collagen synthesis and production
  • Smoothes and refines Uneven Skin Texture / Enlarged Pores
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis and production, restoring skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Repairs and Rejuvenates Sun Damaged / photo-aged skin
  • Plumps and Firms skin for youthful and vibrant appearance
  • Smoothes and refines Uneven Skin Texture / Enlarged Pores
  • Refreshes, rejuvenates and hydrates Dull / Life-Less / Dry / Dehydrated Skin
  • Reduces Oedema by enhancing fluid and waste removal via increased lymphatic drainage
  • Lightens and Reduces the appearance of Age or Sun Spots
  • Lightens and Reduces Pigmentation
  • Improves the appearance of Freckles
  • Lightens, Brightens and Evens out Skin Tone
  • Reduces and Improves the appearance of Scarring (incl. burns, acne, keloid and post-operative/surgical scars) by breaking down existing scar tissue
  • Reduces and Improves Stretch Marks (red and mature marks – whether gained from pregnancy, weight gain or bodybuilding)
  • Rejuvenates skin cells, accelerating wound healing and scar prevention
  • Minimises and in some cases eliminates Broken Capillaries and Spider Veins
  • Soothes, calms and heals Normal / Sensitive / Reactive / Compromised / Problematic Skin
  • Reduces inflammation, Rosacea, Vascular Redness and erythema in irritated, reactive and compromised skin
  • Heals while restoring damaged tissue caused by Cold Sores, preventing further outbreaks
  • Enhances fluid and waste removal via increased lymphatic drainage
  • Treats Dermatitis, Psoriasis, and Rosacea
Further benefits of LED Light Therapy include:
  • Safe, gentle and non-invasive
  • Zero discomfort and downtime
  • Suitable for all skin colours and types including darker skins
  • Quick and easy treatments, with no anaesthesia required ? perfect ?Lunch Hour? treatment
  • Accelerated healing response (naturally stimulates your body?s own healing response), and is highly effective with more than 90% efficacy
  • Accelerates skin healing times post other treatments like laser, skin needling and even surgery, thus renewing and rebuilding the skin
  • Nourishes the skin by increasing hydration and moisture retention
  • Increases skincare product efficiency and effectiveness, by enhancing faster and deeper penetration and performance of skin actives serums into the skin
  • Works synergistically with complementary treatments as part of a Super-Charged Combination Therapy, delivering exceptional and dramatic results that are superior, more effective, targeted, faster-acting and longer-lasting
  • Can be had on any part of the body
  • A natural alternative to surgery at a fraction of the cost
  • Provides genuine long-lasting results at a cellular level

It is a totally safe, natural and painless treatment that delivers amazing skin healing and re-building benefits.? However, it is not recommended for skins’ prone to photo-sensitivity or any one on photo-sensitising medication. Nor for anyone suffering from epilepsy, porphyria, during pregnancy or for those on cortisone.

After cleansing the skin, your eyes are covered with safety eye-wear. The LED light is placed very close to the face allowing a more concentrated delivery of light energy within the skin, and is very similar to being bathed in warm sunlight. Zero downtime allows you to get straight back into your normal routine.

After the first treatment, your complexion will look more fresh and vibrant.? After a series of treatments, your skin?s tone, clarity, texture and hydration noticeably improves, and feels softer, smoother, firmer and tighter with reduced pore size. Exact results depend heavily on your age, individual skin health and condition, skincare routine, lifestyle and environmental factors.

To fortify?the hyaluronic (HA) acid within the skin for the hydration and the plump effect, a hyaluronic mask infusion is highly recommended. This combination optimises the effect of LED Light Therapy with enhanced absorption of the active ingredients into the skin.

Substantial improvement in the skin?s condition is achieved when LED Light Therapy is combined with other recommended complementary treatments. For example, Blue light kills active bacteria. When combined with Yellow, Infrared light and MicroCurrent treatments, the healing of acne accelerates, inflammation and redness reduces while lymphatic drainage and increases nutrient intake is increased. Similarly, when Red and Infrared light is combined with MicroCurrent, Bespoke Facial or Peels as complementary treatments, dramatically superior anti-ageing results are achieved.

The number of treatments depends upon your need for optimum results.

To obtain the best, long-lasting and visible results, a series of treatments is usually required. As a general guide LED Light Therapy can be had as:

  • Single ?pick-me-up? session
  • Series of 10 ? 12 treatments for optimum results (depending on skin condition) with 2 ? 3 treatments per week
  • Regular top-up treatment to maintain the results of the series, as the natural ageing process is always progressing
  • An add-on to complementary treatments for dramatically-enhanced and effective skin rebuilding results

In your initial consultation, we will analyse your skin concerns and then recommend the best course of action.

None. LED Light Therapy is a safe, natural, pain-free and non-invasive treatment that does not compromise the integrity of the skin.?With zero downtime, it is a perfect ?lunch-time? treatment for the busy person, allowing you to get straight back into your normal routine.

Since LED Light Therapy stimulates natural cellular processes that repair and regenerate the skin, the results continue to improve for up to 4 ? 6 months after a series of treatments. As ageing is progressive, a regular maintenance regimen is highly recommended to maintain the longevity of the achieved results.

The condition of the skin and individual lifestyle including diet, exercise and regular skincare routine play an important part in extending the longevity of results.?Post-treatment homecare serums that help support and maintain in-clinic results are highly recommended. Also keeping the body well hydrated with 1 ? 2 litres of water daily.

On their own, all of our treatments deliver effective results. When combined in a complementary multi-treatment program (Super-Charged Combination Therapy), they work at different levels within your skin to deliver visibly superior, more effective, targeted and longer-lasting results.

To ensure the best results, you must follow the correct Pre and Post-Care instructions.

LED Light Therapy | $120 (Add-on to any treatment $50)

As a safe, healing and relaxing treatment, LED Light Therapy works below the skin?s surface to enhance cell-to-cell communication and function. This restores optimal skin function and increases hydration in the dermal skin layer. An ideal treatment for all skin types and conditions including dull, sallow, impaired, sluggish, acne-prone, rosacea and inflamed skins. It is highly recommended as an add-on to super-charge your treatment, or as a standalone treatment.