Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusions

Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusions are a safe, gentle and non-invasive skin healing, revitalising and regenerating treatment that is ideal for all skin types and colours.?The skin’s lipid barrier (the oil barrier between skin cells layers) in the epidermis protects the entry of external compounds from the environment. Therefore only a fraction of the ingredients in our skincare products actually penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where they need to perform.

Nutrient is a substance that provides nourishment essential for the maintenance of life and for growth.?The key goal here is to nourish your skin cell with a customised blend of concentrated nutrients deep into the skin which help normalise skin cell and tissue function. This makes them more readily bio-available to the skin cells which enhances regeneration of new and damaged?skin tissue.? A healthy homeostasis is achieved where cells?have healthy DNA and membrane allowing cell nutrient intake and expulsion of waste products more effectively.

Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusions are customised to treat your skin concerns with the utmost safety using two technologies, MicroCurrent Iontophoresis combined with Ultrasound Sonophoresis. This combination increases both the penetration of the nutrients into the skin and the skin?s absorption rate into the deeper layers by 70-80%, making it a very effective method of ingredient-delivery to?intensely hydrate, repair, heal and protect your skin cell health.

This nurturing improves your skin?s barrier function, restoring your skin health while regenerating healthy new skin tissue. Hence it is a perfect treatment for sensitive, compromised skins, rosacea, eczema, oily, acne prone, dull/dehydrated, oily, pre-mature and ageing skin, or in fact anyone who wishes to enhance the health of their skin. Dramatic and visible skin health improvement to various skin conditions delivered include a healthy radiance, glow, clarity, smooth texture and even tone of a beautiful and youthful looking skin complexion.

Cell to cell communication of the Epidermis (outer surface layer) and the Dermis (the living, deeper and true skin layer) is critical for healthy skin.? When this communication is impaired, the skin?s processes and functions significantly slow down, which compromises skin health.?Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusions work by using a combination of 2 complementary technologies to deliver professional active skin nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin, and helping it absorb these nutrients more quickly and effectively compared to just simply applying them to the skin?s surface.?These are blends are customised to your individual skin needs and conditions

  • ?Pulsed Iontophoresis?(the use of a specifically pulsed electrical current to facilitate penetration of ionised vitamin complex into the cells), and
  • Low Frequency Sonophoresis?(the use of ultrasound waves to transport vitamin complex, peptide and serum molecules through the skin)

These two technologies are so effective that?clinical evaluations have proven the application of active skin infusions with just Sonophoresis increases the skins permeability by up to 800% and when combined with Iontophoresis, the infusion receives a staggering 4000% penetration boost!

This results in skin tissue rejuvenation that continues to improve over time by promoting:

  • Increased stimulation of collagen production ? the skin?s primary structural protein
  • Accelerated cell metabolism with increased product penetration and performance
  • Blood circulation for increased oxygenation
  • Lymphatic drainage which enhances toxin removal
  • Regeneration of wounded tissue
  • Rebuilding skin’s protective barrier

Skin tissue rejuvenation continues to improve over time as the collagen production continues to proliferate with regular monthly treatments. This leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and plumped with a youthful, healthy and radiant appearance!?Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusions can be had on its own or as an add-on to complementary therapies to achieve outstanding results!

The Iontophoresis process uses a gentle low-level electrical current to infuse ionised skin actives into the deeper layers of the skin. This allows for a much more effective delivery of high doses of the ionised ingredients in skincare products beyond the superficial skin level.

This provides faster and more effective results, enhanced healing and restoration, where nutrients are absorbed by the living cells, stored and utilised for normal cell function. Eventually this produces skin health changes by helping restore the normal electrical potential of ageing skin cells.

All this makes Iontophoresis an essential part of a restorative skin rejuvenation therapy.

The Sonophoresis process of infusion uses ultrasonic waves to momentarily disrupt the skin?s lipid barrier (the oil barrier between skin cells) to boost trans-dermal delivery and absorption of professional topical active skincare products by up to 800% into the skin.

The rapid vibration of sound waves form little bubbles within the skin?s intercellular lipid barrier, allowing skincare product to quickly fill into the gap before it closes (due to the sound wave finishing). As the next sound wave arrives it pushes the product-filled bubbles deeper into the skin, while at the same time new bubbles are filled with product before the lipid barrier quickly closes again. This process repeats itself over and over again, boosting product absorption multiple-fold deep into skin?where they are actually required to treat skin conditions at the cellular level.

Significantly improved skin health results from the nourishing and replenishing of nutrients necessary for healthy optimal skin cell function. It increases skin hydration, oxygenation, and toxin removal through lymphatic drainage. This re-models the dermis as it revitalises, regenerates and re-builds the skin from the ground up.? Skin?s health and resiliency increases, resulting in a plumped, smooth, radiant and glowing skin with hydrated and youthful appearance.

Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusions are a very versatile treatment and can be used to successfully treat a wide variety of skin concerns:

  • Acne (incl. blackheads, congested skin and folliculitis)
  • Acne Scarring
  • Open / Enlarged Pores
  • Oily Skin
  • Weak Barrier Function
  • Pre-ageing
  • Ageing incl. Thin / Fine Skin
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles / Crows Feet / Smokers Lines
  • Sun Damage
  • Dull / Life-Less / Dry / Rough / Dehydrated Skin
  • Uneven Skin Texture / Enlarged Pores
  • Saggy Skin / Loss of Firmness and Elasticity
  • Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
  • Weak Barrier Function
  • Age / Sun Spots
  • Freckles
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Blotches / Blemishes
  • Melasma
  • Scars (incl. Acne Scarring)
  • Young and Mature Sensitive / Reactive / Compromised / Problematic Skin
  • Rosacea and Vascular Redness
  • Facial Oedema (Swelling)
  • Inflammation / Sunburn
  • Weak Barrier Function

NOTE: Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusions cannot be performed over lesions, broken skin, malignant tumours, areas with plastic or metal implants, or on people who have a pacemaker or during pregnancy. The skin has to be prepped for 2 weeks with the recommended skin actives at least 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusions successfully address a number of skin concerns and the benefits include:

  • Reduces Acne (incl. blackheads, congested skin and folliculitis) by removing excess sebum and killing bacteria
  • Refines and reduces Acne Scarring
  • Refines Open or Enlarged Pores
  • Enhances fluid and waste removal via increased lymphatic drainage
  • Increases oxygenation through microcirculation
  • Rejuvenates the skin, giving it a clearer, brighter, radiant and youthful complexion
  • Smoothes and refines Uneven Skin Texture / Enlarged Pores
  • Refreshes, rejuvenates and re-hydrates Dull / Life-Less / Dry / Rough / Dehydrated Skin
  • Reduces the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Repairs and Rejuvenates Sun Damaged and Impaired skin
  • Restores skin elasticity and firmness, by stimulating collagen and elastin production
  • Lifts, Tightens, Plumps and Firms the skin for a youthful and vibrant appearance
  • Strengthens the skin structure by thickening the dermis
  • Smoothes and refines Uneven Skin Texture
  • Lightens and Reduces the appearance of Age or Sun Spots
  • Lightens and Reduces Pigmentation and Discolouration
  • Improves the appearance of Freckles and Blemishes
  • Lightens, Brightens and Evens out Skin Tone for a clearer, radiant, even toned and youthful looking skin
  • Reduces and Improves the appearance of Scarring (incl. acne scars)
  • Regenerates cells, accelerating healing of skin tissue
  • Soothes, calms and heals Sensitive / Reactive / Compromised / Problematic Skin
  • Reduces Rosacea and Vascular Redness
  • Reduces inflammation, redness and erythema in irritated, reactive and compromised skin
  • Reduces Facial Oedema by enhancing fluid and waste removal via increased lymphatic drainage
  • Increases oxygenation through microcirculation
  • Nourishes the skin by increasing hydration and moisture retention
  • Increases skincare product efficiency and effectiveness, by enhancing faster and deeper penetration and performance of skin actives serums and moisturiser into the skin
Further benefits of Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusions include:
  • Safe, gentle and non-invasive
  • Zero discomfort and downtime
  • Suitable for all skin colours and types including darker skins, even the most sensitive of skins like rosacea (can be adjusted to skin sensitivity)
  • Quick and easy treatments, with no anaesthesia required ? perfect ?Lunch Hour? treatment
  • Soothes, calms and heals all skin types and conditions
  • Accelerated healing response (naturally stimulates your body?s own healing response) promotes skin cell regeneration
  • Stimulates cell metabolism and in turn collagen production
  • Improves skin?s permeability and optimizes absorption of nutrients by 4,000%
  • Nourishes the skin by increasing nutrient absorption, hydration, and moisture retention for improved skin barrier function
  • Microcurrent technology used in Iontophoresis to help normalize UV damaged skin?cells
  • Improves skin tissue oxygenation and lymphatic drainage
  • Increases skincare product efficiency and effectiveness, by enhancing faster and deeper penetration and performance of skin actives serums and moisturiser into the skin
  • Works synergistically with complementary treatments as part of a Super-Charged Combination Therapy (SCT), delivering exceptional and dramatic results that are superior, more effective, targeted, faster-acting and longer-lasting
  • Can be had on any part of the body
  • Provides genuine long lasting results at a cellular level

Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusions are a safe, gentle, painless and non-abrasive treatment, as it gently nurtures and restores your skin?s cell health and function. This makes it suitable for all skin colours (including darker skins) and all skin types (including sensitive, reactive, rosacea, oily, acne prone, dull/dehydrated, oily, pre-mature and ageing skin), or in fact anyone who wishes to enhance the health of their skin.

During this gentle and effective treatment you may experience a slight warm and tingling sensation together with the sound of the rapid vibration. Your skin may feel warm and look slightly flushed immediately after the treatment, which subsides in a few minutes. Mineral makeup may be worn immediately and normal activities resumed. Occasionally, dryness or irritation may occur due to the high penetration of active ingredients achieved by this treatment. These symptoms will settle spontaneously over a few days with correct application of a repair or calming serums together with a moisturiser.

Note: While it is very safe and gentle, as a precaution, we do not perform this treatment on those people who have a pacemaker or during pregnancy, nor on areas such as open lesions, broken skin, malignant tumours, areas with plastic or metal implants and braces.

You will see visible and noticeable results immediately after the first infusion, which include the skin feeling smoother, firmer, intensely hydrated, minimised facial wrinkles and fine lines, reduced inflammation and redness in sensitive skin, and reduced acne in acne-prone skin. The skin appears more even-toned and even-textured with reduced pigmentation, giving a healthy, radiant and a glowing youthful complexion which keeps on improving as the skin cells are nourished deep within the skin.

On their own these infusions deliver great results. Faster, more dramatic and outstanding results are achieved when these treatments are had as add-ons to other complementary treatments as part of a Super-Charged Combination Therapy. In conjunction with other advanced skin modalities, this treatment works in synergy optimising and enhancing the results of any skin treatment by providing nourishing nutrients for skin cells leading to a healthy youthful skin.

You will notice a difference after the first treatment, however for best results we recommend a series of 6 ? 8 treatments which deliver cumulative results where collagen production continues to proliferate, and regular maintenance thereafter for the upkeep of the achieved results. This treatment can be had on its own or as part of a multi-treatment?Super-Charged Combination Therapy?for superior and dramatic results! Combining infusions with other modalities optimises the overall results of the treatment.

This also depends on individual skin condition, which is in turn usually dependent on age, skincare routine, diet and lifestyle factors. In your initial consultation we will assess your skin?s condition, and then give honest feedback as to what sort of results you can expect.

In your initial consultation, we will analyse your skin concerns and then recommend the best course of action.

None. Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusions are?a safe, natural, pain-free and non-invasive treatment that does not compromise the integrity of the skin.?With zero downtime, it is a perfect ?lunch-time? treatment for the busy person, allowing you to get straight back into your normal routine.

When done in series, your skin cells are constantly being nourished with nutrients which assist in the repair of damaged skin and regeneration of fresh new skin. At about the 3rd or 4th session you may experience some dryness as the damaged skin is shed off, which generally subsides in a week or so.

After a Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusion treatment series, the skin health continues to improve over the next few months as the collagen matures and re-models, and the lipid barrier integrity improves and the skin re-builds.

The condition of the skin and individual lifestyle including diet, exercise and regular skincare routine play an important part in extending the longevity of results.?Post-treatment homecare serums are highly recommended, as well as keeping the body well hydrated with 1 ? 2 litres of water daily.

On their own, all of our treatments deliver effective results. When combined in a complementary multi-treatment program (Super-Charged Combination Therapy), they work at different levels within your skin to deliver visibly superior, more effective, targeted and longer-lasting results.?These synergistic combinations each address different aspects of skin repair and rejuvenation, thus resulting in supercharged skin restoration where the results are second to none!

To ensure the best results, you must follow the correct Pre and Post-Care instructions.

Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusion Face & Neck $250Add-on in any treatment: $100