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Kansa Face Massage Treatment

19-Feb-2019...Kansa Face Massage treatment, pronounced Khan-Sah and known as the sacred Healing Metal in Ayurveda, the oldest healing  Science of Health and Longevity in the world,  practiced throughout India. Kansa means bronze, an innovative metal alloy of copper and tin, created some 5000 years ago.  

Kansa’s great therapeutic value, its electro-conductivity quality, was introduced as a precious metal in Ayurvedic treatments. Kansa tools have been used for centuries in India to naturally enhance overall health for increased strength and energy while reducing stress. Copper supports collagen that is essential for good skin health, resiliency and vibrancy, which explains  the benefits of drinking from copper vessels. The Kansa massage treatment gently stimulates the Ayurvedic marmas, (energy points where tissues meet and the invisible energy meridians) and trigger points. This unblocks the energy channels, improving the body's natural healing mechanism. It detoxifies, removes acid and revitalises the skin while re-balancing the doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). 

I recently did my training in Ayurveda Kansa Facelift Massage at the Champissage International London,  accredited by the Complementary Medical Association of UK. I am pleased to offer this unique and pleasant detoxing, repairing and healing Kansa Treatment Massage. It works harmoniously and holistically as an add on with our other Advanced Skin Treatments at Renajo, to relax, and balance the mind, body and spirit, erasing stress and tension. Ideal for all skin types and conditions it delivers outstanding results from ageing to  problematic skins like sensitive, acne, rosacea and pigmentation, increasing skin health and resiliency for a glowing youthful  complexion!

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